I have started my Christmas shopping.

That in itself is annoying. What is even more annoying is that I decided on one gift for my son and I’ve already been told by two stores that I won’t be able to get it until after Christmas. They are already sold out. How freaking crazy is that?

Now, I can go on E-Bay and pay ten times the February 2008 price for it or I can forget the whole thing.

Since this is not a gift darling son really really really wants, I’ve decided to move on and get him something else.

But jeepers, if you’re a company and you’re ADVERTISING a toy for CHRISTMAS shouldn’t you at least have the toy available AT THE BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER for Christmas shopping?

Advertising when you don’t have the supply should not be allowed, especially when the ads are aimed at children.

‘There otta be a law!’, she shouted in her best western/cowboy-person drawl.

Someone should give these marketing people a time-out… or at least dock their allowance or something.

TiredMama is not impressed.

9 thoughts on “Grrrrr.

  1. Wow, that’s terrible! I agree, a time out at the least. My store’s inventory is all hand-made and by golly, you’ll STILL get it in time for Christmas. Even if you order now.


  2. You got snookered by the marketing hype. Drive up demand and then piss off everyone because when they get it its way over priced or its not available. Its a conspiracy to keep mom going nuts. I can prove it…..


  3. What I find frustrating is that through their advertisements for products that are either in short supply or out of stock, the advertising companies (and the stores) set up the typical ‘Have vs have not’ senario.


  4. The good news is that you are sane enough to move on. My husband gets obsessed when this happens. We won’t even talk about the lengths he went to so that he could find a TMX Elmo last year (which our daughter has always HATED with a passion). Now, he’s stuck on trying to find a wii. I have no idea why–he won’t play it, I won’t play it. He can’t find one, so he will spend his every waking hour trying. Apparently toy companies know that there are lots of people out there like him and they control supply to create more hype.


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