Where does the time go?

I started off yesterday with such high hopes. I had a laundry list, that actually included doing laundry, of things I wanted to do. We had no plans for the day and I had hoped to enlist darling hubbies help and get a whole bunch of things done around the house.

What did I accomplish? Ah, that would be nothing. I can’t get ANYTHING done around here.

The list included things like packing up the Halloween decorations and putting them away, pulling the outdoor furniture into the garage for the winter, emptying all the junk out of my van, make a start at tiding up the basement, getting groceries and doing laundry.

What did I do? I have no idea. I did throw in one load of laundry, I set back the clocks an hour, I drove two kids over to friend’s houses to play, I had my parents over for dinner- that was take-out Chinese as I never got to the grocery store and I did put all the Halloween stuff in a big pile at my front door.

I swear to you, I did not nap, watch any TV or pick up the book I so badly want to finish. I did not go on the Internet.

Ah. I did help with homework though and I think I also walked around the backyard with hubby and discussed the landscaping project we want to start next spring. Oh, and there was the airplane that got stuck in the tree that I tried to get down for my son. And I did make breakfast and lunch for everyone.

Surely, that can’t take all day though. Can it? Did it?


Can we set the clocks back a few more hours? 

3 thoughts on “Where does the time go?

  1. I know! My expectations for myself have gotten much lower. My to do lists that used to have six or seven things a day have now shrunk to one! I pat myself on the back if I get that 1/2 done!


  2. I’ve been wondering the exact same thing lately. I’m not really sure how me taking a shower, my daughter getting a bath, and putting away a load of laundry can fill an entire morning, but it always does.
    Maybe we could fall back a few more hours?


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