Youngest daughter is seven. She is happy, outgoing, cute as a button and after speaking to the five lovely women who teach her every week, she obviously has some problems staying on track and focusing sometimes at school.

Parent-teacher interviews were today.


She’s seven. Focusing.

I don’t think I’m going to call in the mob to break her legs just yet.

This is the joy of being a third child. If I had heard this from all oldest daughter’s teachers at the same age I would have sat her down and given her a lecture. I would have furrowed my brow and had a talk with dearest hubby about what we should do about it. I would have searched the Internet to see what I was doing wrong.

For the third child? Well, she’s getting good grades, she’s happy, and she likes school. She might get a mention as I’m dropping her off at school on Monday to pay attention to her teachers that day. That’ll be about it.

She’s social. She likes to talk. Um, she might get some of that from me. I’ve been known to talk once in a while. Okay. I talk a lot – but it’s a problem I decided didn’t need correcting a long long time ago. That’s just me, and you know what? That’s her.

My other two children were described as quiet. Hmmm again.

Overall, the reports went well, and no one told me anything I didn’t already know. Although I was told about one of my children that, ‘their eraser is not their friend’. I can live with that. I think their friends should be breathing anyway.

So, my performance appraisals are over for another three months. I think I passed and the kids? They passed too, but I might not tell them that just yet. Gotta keep them on their toes.

5 thoughts on “Focus!

  1. Ah, the family baby. We’re just so much more lax with them and it’s a good thing all around. Focus on the important things and we’ll preserve what tiny bit of sanity that we have.


  2. Ooooh – the stressful performance reviews – so dread them. Sounds like they went well – good for you and the kids. School is a lot of work for everyone! See ya.


  3. I’ve not experienced a Parent/Teacher conference yet (oldest is 4). I’m pretty sure I’ll be crushed if the teacher says he can’t focus, or can’t write a “d” properly, or can’t spell the word, “belligerent.”
    Yep, I’ve got that first child syndrome. The teachers are going to LOVE me!


  4. I just got my 8 year old daughter’s report card today. She got one bad comment in one area. (FOCUS-in math) I had a twinge for a second. (She’s my oldest) and then I realized-hey-what’s the big deal-one area where she can improve. No biggie, we’ll just work on it a bit.
    I think the advantage of being a bit older (I’m 42) keeps it in perspective for me. No need to panic.


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