J0434821 Darling eldest daughter is having four teeth pulled today.


Just typing the number is making my stomach knot. Darling husband is coming home to take her to the appointment.

He keeps asking me about what I’m doing, when my classes are and what I have due this week. He’s done everything but flat out ask me, ‘Why, when he’s crazy busy at work, is he coming home to take his much loved eldest daughter to this appointment? Why can’t the stay-at-home Mom/student do it?’

So, I’m telling you. He’s taking her because his wife is a wimp.

Yep, that would be me.

Eldest daughter had a bad experience with a Doctor and a needle when she was about four. She has completely freaked out about needles ever since. Today’s surgery will not be easy for her.

I went to the consult appointment; actually I went to all three because I wanted a few opinions. She cried at each one. I didn’t cry but it was close.

I don’t do well at medical procedures with my kids. They scare me, and I in turn scare my children. In my case, I think avoidance and denial is good. Darling Hubby going in with daughter all calm and confident in my opinion is the better option. Sorry Hubby, but I need you for this one.

They’re giving darling daughter a sedative today before she goes in to have the surgery. When I asked if they could give me one too, they just looked at me kinda funny.

So, I will stay home this afternoon, work on the paper I have due tomorrow and worry. I will be here when she gets back and all the scary parts are over.

Maybe I’ll take her shopping if she’s up to it. Dental surgery and retail therapy – that sounds good, doesn’t it?  She is after all much too young for wine.

6 thoughts on “Teeth.

  1. “They’re giving darling daughter a sedative today before she goes in to have the surgery. When I asked if they could give me one too, they just looked at me kinda funny.” this was funny. I hope all goes well for your daughter. I’ve had dental surgery lately – no fun. Have a good day. See ya.


  2. Thanks for stopping by! Retail therapy is always good!
    I haven’t been to the dentist in two years (since we moved to Idaho from California) and now I’m the one who’s scared to go! I need to get my boys in too.


  3. My daughter also had four teeth pulled when she was six – changing the gauze and stuff – eew. ‘Tis no fun, but at least there are good painkillers on the market for you.. I mean her.


  4. I applaud you for recognizing that you would not be the best parent to accompany your daughter to the dentist. I think that often we as mother’s put a lot of pressure on ourselves to live up to some “perfect mother” ideal. To be able to step aside and let your husband go with your daughter takes lots of courage. Hope that the surgery went well today, and that your daughter heals quickly.


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