Happy Halloween

The problem with kids growing up is that they start having opinions.

I was fairly lucky when my kids were little, I put them in cute little Halloween costumes and they wore them. Most of the time the costumes were torn apart by the time they got to the end of our driveway but I got my pictures and that’s all that really matters.

This year my kids are older and have definite ideas on how they want to dress up.

For ten year old son, I was thinking this:Lamb_2


He was thinking this: Gross

We compromised on this:


Yep. I lost.

I did better with the daughters. My sweet little seven year old wanted something sexy but settled for being a bumble bee. Oldest daughter has me all figured out and convinced me to go to American Eagle with her and buy her some new clothes for a costume. Sigh. It was expensive but at least the pieces will get worn again. I hope.

Me? I’m going to slap on a witches hat and hand out candy. If I’m fast enough I can hand it out quicker than the kids can haul it in. It’s a gift.

But now I have to go bake, frost and sprinkle about eighty Halloween cupcakes. I should be done by about 1 am. Now you know why I always get the witches hat. I’ll be tomorrow.

Happy Halloween.

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Yikes. I would not want to meet crazy clown skeleton man on trick or treat street tomorrow night.
    I guess mine are still in the cute, easy-to-control stage right now. I’ve got a G-rated pair: Mickey and Minnie Mouse!


  2. My son was very excited about his Optimus Prime costume. Until this morning. Now he wants to be a dragon. He’s going to be Optimus Prime if I have to pry him into the costume with a shoehorn! I paid $30 for that costume!


  3. I guess I should consider myself lucky that although my one-year old insisted on picking her own costume, at least she didn’t pick that scary thing!


  4. Too funny! Remember when Halloween was the “easy” holiday? (Yeah. Me either. But I think it had to do with something about not having to cook. Though handling a turkey and some cranberry sauce doesn’t seem like anything compared to managing all that decorating/costuming/candy that goes on for Halloween!)


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