It’s tough being ten…

To celebrate my son’s birthday we took him and a bunch of his friends down to the Ricoh Center to see a Marlie’s game yesterday. The Marlie’s are the farm team for the Toronto Maple Leafs and my little guy is a huge Leaf’s fan.

It was great. The Marlie’s won and so did the Maple Leafs, which the kids got to see on the TV while they were watching the Marlie’s play.

But what I really didn’t expect was the kids reaction to the cheerleaders. The boys hooted, they howled, and they danced right along with the short skirted girls. The ladies were about twenty rows down from us and the kids waved at them frantically from their seats.

It seemed harmless enough until I started hearing these little boys talking about how they should go down to the stage and talk to these lovely, probably eighteen to twenty-one year old, girls. Um, these boys are all of ten years old and I’m not sure what they had in mind, but there was a lot of silly talk between them.

When we were leaving the building, we squished all eighteen of us into an elevator, which happened to stop at a floor before the one we wanted. The elevator doors slid open to reveal the scantily clad cheerleaders, who were waiting for an empty car.

The boys stopped talking, the boys eyes grew wide. The boys all turned a lovely deep red color.

The cheerleaders blew some kisses at them and the doors slid closed again.

I laughed until my sides hurt. All talk and no action these boys.

Thank God for that.

6 thoughts on “It’s tough being ten…

  1. As the parent of a girl, thank goodness for all talk, no action! Here’s to hoping it stays that way for a long time!
    As for the cheerleaders, I went to a Pittsburgh Penguins game the other night and the whole group of us could not stop staring at the cheerleaders. For one thing, why does hockey have cheerleaders? For another, they were wearing WAY too much clothing. The only purpose the cheerleaders could possibly serve is to stand there and look cute, so shouldn’t that be done with less clothing? It was very confusing.


  2. Loved this! Boys/Men seem to me to all be the same. I can totally picture a bunch of 40 yr olds commenting to each other what they would like to do to those cheerleaders, but if they were face to face, they would be all “Uhhhhh”.


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