I went shopping with eldest daughter today. She needed pants and I thought it would be a nice bonding experience to spend a few hours together at the mall.

I learned a few things.

First, I learned that I have no taste. Eldest daughter tried, but as I held up things and she wrinkled up her nose and rolled her eyes countless times I sort of figured out that my taste was not quite in line with hers. I am now officially one of the old frumpy people. What can I say? I still think that at thirteen she can look cute in a pinafore. She thinks not.

Today I also found out that I have no colour sense. Eldest daughter used to like glittery tights and clothes that were pink and purple. Now she likes black or maybe brown clothes. As for the tights? Don’t even go there.

We also have a difference of opinion on what the right size is for her. I think big and baggy is good. I found out today that big and baggy is not good. What ’til her father sees her, it should be interesting, he still thinks she’s six years old not a size six.

I also learned that I am NOT supposed to talk to sales people. As most people who know me will attest, me not talking just doesn’t happen. I go out. I talk. That’s me. The kid has heard me since she got ears in the womb so you’d think she’d accept this. But nooooo…. I got a lecture.

In the end I felt old, she got some new clothes, the Visa got a workout and we managed to comprise on quite a few things. It worked. Barely.

Watch the comments section, it’ll be interesting to see what she has to say.

4 thoughts on “Shopping.

  1. I noticed the same thing about black – mine is gravitating to blacks/greys, a good 6 years earlier before I went into my black (admittedly New Wave) phase! And I’m surprised at just how good she looks in black. I laugh ruefully at how shopping is one of those bonding experiences that is both pricey and priceless.


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