I’m Tired.

I’m trying something new this week. I’m trying to see how much concealer I need to put on under my eyes to hide the fact that I’m going on my fifth or sixth night with only five hours of sleep. I’ve got about about two inches troweled on today. I think I look rather hideous smashing.

I remember being this tired when I had babies but I don’t have infants any more. I just have mid-terms this week, a sick husband (okay, he has a cold but he’s acting like he’s dying) and three kids. In order to get my studying done I’ve being staying up late. In order to keep the kids on track I get up early.

I’m tired, but I guess you don’t come to a web page named TiredMama and expect anything different. So, just for the record everything is humming along like normal. The only difference is my new fancy eye makeup. Who knows, there’s a lot of Tired Mom’s out there, maybe it’ll catch on.

Tired Mama – makeup diva extraordinare.

I wish.

3 thoughts on “I’m Tired.

  1. Hey Supermom, remember when I told you what a great experience you were giving your kids with all the travelling and how they would look back on their childhoods with very fond memories and appreciate all the opportunites you gave them…. same goes here… they will look back on these years and say Our Mom is amazing.. how did she do it? 3 kids, back to school, busy husband to support. It may not seem like it now but you’re setting an excellent example for your kids on setting goals and working hard to achieve them; it will be worth it in the end. Please give yourself a pat on the back.
    Now ,most importantly,…..
    what concealer are you using? Did you at least get a “Free” gift with purchase (of $40 or more)?


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