Teen Talk

I was just watching CNN and they were talking about some of the new slang in use today. A lot of it didn’t even register, but one phrase caught my attention and I love, love, love it.


Now, I’ve always multi-tasked. I have three kids, a husband, a house, and I’m back at school almost full time. I multi-task and don’t even think about what I’m doing. Stuff just gets done.

But next week, after my mid-term papers and exams are done, I’m going to do some serious multi-slacking. I ain’t gonna do anything. As a matter of fact, I am going to do multi-nothings. I’m gonna multi-slack!

Just gotta love the whole picture it conjures – Margarita’s, suntanning and snoozing by the pool with a good book by my side.

Maybe not what I’ll do…but I will find a way to multi-slack. Like maybe I won’t do the laundry or something. Along with that? I know, we’ll go out to eat!

Um, if you see us you just may want to sit at a booth on the other side of the restaurant though. It might be kinda smelly ’cause of the no laundry thing.

3 thoughts on “Teen Talk

  1. I’ve never heard that term. Sounds like it might be too much ‘work’ to actually multi-slack. I wonder how many things do you have to NOT be doing for it to be considered multi-slacking? Two, three, four…?


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