The Hills are Alive…

It’s Sunday night at 7 pm. Hubby is making dinner which means we haven’t eaten yet and I just got myself into a major war with my younger two children who don’t want to practice their music.

It’s at times like this that I wonder what the hell I’m doing. If they don’t want to practice then I guess I should just shrug my shoulders and walk away. Right? It’ll be their loss at the next lesson when they can’t play the music, so why should I get myself all tied up in a knot over it?

Unfortunately I’m just not programmed that way. I can’t spend money on lessons, they swore up and down they wanted, and then just walk away when they refuse to practice. It makes me mad. It makes me yell. It makes me nag.

It makes me (shudder)….a Mom.

5 thoughts on “The Hills are Alive…

  1. You need a drink, you need a drink. We stoppped music lessons because of the practice war. And we don’t shoot anyone and more.


  2. Yep, gotta love those mom moments. We come out looking like the heavy for something THEY slacked on to begin with. Go figure.
    But hey, be encouraged because the fact is, you’re teaching them an important lesson. It’s called commitment. They made the commitment to take music lessons and you’re showing them how to honor it. It’s a lesson that will pay off for them in adulthood (even if it drives you bonkers now, lol).


  3. I wouldn’t force the practising. They’ll go to perform and will realize how it might have helped if they have practised, they sometimes have to figure such things out for themselves. Also, I never practised but was always first chair and section leader. 😛 In retrospect I might have done even greater things if I had actually practised, but it was something I had to figure out for myself.


  4. Same scenario here last night with son and recorder. Everything is always worse on Sunday evenings – you think you had the whole weekend to get stuff done and it’s an hour before bed (or bedtime in our case) when you realize the kids have skipped out on music/homework/clean up. I turn into a very grouchy mom EVERY Sunday night.


  5. I have to say I’m a throw in the towel kind of Mama simply because of my own history with piano lessons. I took them for six years at no small cost to my parents and the only song I know is Chopsticks!


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