Picking Apples

We went apple picking on Monday. The kids wanted to go and since it was thirty plus degrees here in the great ‘not-yet-white’ north it seemed like a good idea.

We were all having fun. Hubby took the youngest off in search of one type of apple, while the older duo and I were picking at the other end of the orchard. Then all of a sudden I heard a yell. A big one.

Now we weren’t the only ones in the orchard but like most mothers I know my own kid’s yell of pain or distress so I wasn’t too surprised to see youngest daughter barreling back towards me between the apple trees.

She stopped in front of me with tears streaming down both cheeks. She was out of breath, and huffed a combination of blood, apple and other bodily functional stuff at me before she stuck out a hand and showed me the little white tooth that was cradled in it.

She had bit into an apple and lost a tooth. Oh dear.

‘It hurts,’ she moaned. ‘Yep,’ I replied, ‘I’m sure it does.’

I took her by the hand, went and bought a water bottle and then found a washroom where I washed her, her mouth and the tooth right up. I then spent at least five minutes calming her down.

Now youngest daughter is in a tough spot. The problem with being a third child is that your mother doesn’t look at the losing of a tooth as a great emergency or catastrophic event any more. My youngest wanted sympathy and I gave her some to a point but after a wash-up, a few cuddles, and reassurances that yes, the tooth fairy would come I was ready to move on and go and join the rest of the family and pick apples. This is after all about the twentieth tooth lost by a child of mine.

Baby daughter however was not happy with my lack of sympathy. She stamped her foot, rubbed her eyes and looked at me with great reproach.

I rolled my eyes, turned my back and then distracted her with apple picking.

Now I’m waiting for retribution.

Let me explain.

About three months ago I had an ear ache. Two in fact. Both my ears were infected and they hurt like hell. I went to the doctor, got some antibiotics and when I was there I remarked to her that if I had known that this was how bad my kids ears had hurt when they had an ear infection I might have been a little more sympathetic.

She smiled and said that’s what usually happens. If a Mom shows no or little sympathy for a sick child the Mom usually gets the same ailments a few weeks later…and always tells the doctor the same thing – They wish they’d been more sympathetic. It’s like a punishment for Mom’s who aren’t well, nice enough.

That would be me. Great.

This means I’m about to lose a tooth, or at least break one. I don’t need this. I don’t even need the thought of this. I like my teeth. I like them whole and in my mouth. Besides, I was a little sympathetic.

But maybe there is an upside to this.

Does anyone know what the tooth fairy leaves you when you’re my age?

Diamonds? Sapphires? Large currency bills?

Hmmm. I might look cute with a slightly crooked smile.

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