Bedtime Wars

I’m hiding sitting down here in my office listening to my husband trying to get my kids back into bed. Supposedly they’ve been in bed for an hour, but they’re all off their sleep schedules because of the long weekend here in Canada and none of my trio is ready to fall asleep at regular school bedtime hours tonight.

Dearest hubby is up there now because he heard me starting to talk in a loud, threatening and slightly crazed voice to my children and since he could probably tell I was about to lose it he decided to step in. Thank God for that.

Unfortunately, I’m now starting to hear the same strain in his voice.

Ten minutes ago I was in this same chair, which is directly underneath my daughter’s room, and I could  clearly hear the kids running from bedroom to bedroom. So, I yelled up the stairs for them to stay in their own beds. "We are in our own bed’s" came back a chorus from the bathroom. All of them together. In. the. bathroom. I mean you could hear their voices bouncing off the darn tile. They think I’m stupid.

Then came the fight over whose room the cat should sleep in. I stepped in before he had a limb torn off. The poor kitten is now cowering under my desk here in the office with me.

I guess I’d better go and get hubby down here too. The strain in his voice is becoming a little bit more pronounced.

The nice thing about my main floor office is that if you close the door you can almost block out all the noise from upstairs.

It’ll just be me, him, the cat, and the pile of noisy musical toys I confiscated earlier from the kids when they wouldn’t stop playing with them.

I must say it’s getting crowded in here. I wonder if I move my books over a bit though if I could make room for the wine fridge too?

Hmmm. Glass of Merlot anyone?

At least if we drink enough, even if the kids never settle down, hubby and I should be able to sleep.

7 thoughts on “Bedtime Wars

  1. Geez, sounds just like our house last night !!! Can I go out and see the big pumpkin ??? No its time for bed…did you finish all your home work …I want to see the pumpkin first….Johnnnnnnnnn…door slams shut – the little bugger went out. John get right back in here…ha ha I saw the pumpkin.


  2. You have totally convinced me that children sharing a room is a bad, bad thing.
    Last night I did bedtime on my own, which included bathing both children. I had to keep going back in to put the baby’s pacifier back in her mouth and inevitably she would start crying as I was dispensing shampoo into my hand or lathering Emily’s hair. Nice timing, kiddo. I heaved a REALLY big sigh when both of them were in their beds adn on their way to sleep.


  3. See I don’t have a problem getting my daughter to sleep (probably helps that she is 13mths and well conditioned for bedtime), I have a problem with her waking up crying every 60minutes.
    I can see bedtime issues in our future though :(.


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