Tired Mama….forever.

In the wee hours of this morning dearest son wandered into my bedroom. After years of conditioning I immediately snapped to attention.

"What’s wrong, darling?" I asked. Okay, that’s probably what I tried to ask. Most likely it came out something like; "Wha ron arl?"

Didn’t really matter though, he got it.

"I came in to see if Daddy was here," he replied.

Huh? Daddy?

Daddy who?

Oh, I get it, the guy who sleeps beside me in the bed. My fuzzy brain finally clicked into motion and I turned over and smacked the lump next to me in bed. It groaned in protest. All accounted for.

"Daddy’s here," I told my son. "But why would you think Daddy wouldn’t be here?"

"I couldn’t hear him snoring" came the reply.


Now, I’m a light sleeper so I don’t sleep all that well when hubby is snoring in bed next to me. However it now seems that if he doesn’t snore I’m not going to get any sleep either because my son will be worried that something has happened to his Daddy and will come in and wake me up to check on his father.


I am going to be sleep deprived for the rest of my life.

8 thoughts on “Tired Mama….forever.

  1. I am trying to get my 2yo to sleep in her own bed. Here’s how it workd. I lay down with her to get her to sleep, fall asleep myself. Jar awake at 1AM and sneak to my own bed. Ten minutes later she runs in and climbs into bed with me and I’m too tired to care.


  2. I’m with Julianne & M&Co. If he’s worried about Daddy, he needs to wake Daddy up. 🙂 I also hear you about the tired. I had forgotten between child #1 and child #2 the depth of tired you become when you get up a couple of times every night.


  3. My hubby snores too – so much so that we’ve been sleeping in seperate rooms ofr 3 yrs now. We both sleep great – and sex is like we’re dating again 🙂 (I know TMI)


  4. I was snoring, then stopped breathing. To the tune of 37 times an hour. I awoke to find Hunnybunny hovering over me to make sure I was breathing.
    Maybe, just maybe, your hunnybunny should have his snore checked out.


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