I am still me…just twenty-five years older.

Hmmm. I’m supposed to be on-line looking up something.

I forget what it is.

Actually it’s for my homework for one of the courses I’m taking and instead of looking it up and getting my school work done I’m surfing the net instead.

Who knew that I could revert so quickly back to my seventeen year old self. It only took me about thirteen milliseconds to find a way to avoid doing homework tonight.

I’m also thinking that giving my seventh grader a computer in her room, where she is supposed to be doing homework might not be such a great idea. There’s WAY too much stuff on the Internet to get distracted by these days. I check her history so I know she’s not getting into trouble, but seriously who would have the discipline to get anything done when there’s so much out on the net to see and do?

I wonder if I can get an extension on my paper by using the shear magnitude of distractions on the Internet as an excuse.

Probably not.

So, does anyone have any contextual information about Aldous Huxley? I need to use it to help me shape my interpretation of his writing. Does anyone even know what contextual information is? Or better yet why I should want to interpret his writing? Sigh.

I guess I should just go and ‘Google’ it and find out.

Oh, no – wait, there’s a cool looking site over there about the color of polar bear hair! Did you know that their hair is clear? It’s not white at all! I think I’d better check it out first.

I’ll get back to you about Huxley. I know you’ll be fascinated.

5 thoughts on “I am still me…just twenty-five years older.

  1. will provide you with hours, literally HOURS, of distractions. Have fun!
    I still struggle with procrastination as well. I’m pretty sure it’s in my DNA.


  2. Yep – I’m a major procrastinator too – that’s why I’m online instead of folding laundry!
    I loved Brave New World – great book! I’m so glad they made us read it in highschool. I even read the follow up Brave New World Revisited just for fun (which is a major thing ’cause I was phys. ed. major).


  3. Get the computer out of her room! If it has any internet access, it should be where you can see it! We have friends in law enforcement, and they would throw out the beast rather than put it where their kids could use it without being seen.
    Yup – polar bear hair is clear – it’s really a bunch of hollow quills for some reason that escapes me now. It’s amazing how much you can learn from reading all those science books and nature magazines to your kids over the years.


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