I want to be bad today. Not really-really-go-to-jail kinda bad, but just a little bit bad.

I want to eat cookies for breakfast.

I want to lie around in my bed for the entire morning with just a book for company.

I want to let the in-door cat go outside for a while.

I want to dress in clothes that don’t match and are inappropriate for the weather.

I want to drop everything I use where ever I want in the house and not worry about putting anything back where it belongs.

I want to take all the dirty laundry and just stuff it into big green garbage bags and put it out for pick-up.

I want to skip all vegetables and fruits today and only eat dessert and maybe some white bread with butter.

I want to have a bath that uses the ENTIRE bottle of bubbles. I want to stay in the tub until the water grows cold and I get all wrinkly.

I want to play in the muddy part of the park.

I don’t want to be the Mommy today, I want to be the seven year old.

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