Lovely oldest daughter got braces on her teeth today, bright silver ones with green elastics. I’m told that the elastics get changed at every visit and that she can get ‘theme’ colored elastics put on for the holidays. One more thing to decorate. Great.

Braces aren’t too bad these days, they look cute on her and they’re small enough that she can still smile nicely. She says her lip keeps getting caught on them though. Interesting problem. I’m not sure how to help her with that one though so I’m leaving it to her to figure out.

When I was leaving the orthodontist’s office, after signing away most of Dave’s salary for the next two and a half years, it occurred to me that about the time eldest’s braces are coming off, son will be going in to get braces, and when he’s done, yep, it’ll be youngest daughters turn.

I did some quick math and realized that I will be at the orthodontist’s office every six weeks for about the next eight years. Eight years! One hour appointments every six weeks works out to nine hours a year and over eight years that’s seventy-two hours. Gulp. Three days just waiting for my kids to get their braces looked after. Yikes!

Here’s what I’m thinking.


They need to put a Mommy spa in at the front of the orthodontist’s office. While I’m waiting the next eight years of my life away I should be able to get a pedicure, hair cut or a massage there. Good idea right? I mean I am giving them approximately twenty thousand dollars and three days of my life, you’d think I could get something more than three great smiles out of it.

A free massage for the parent of every patient would probably double the amount of business they get too. It’ll also do a lot to ease the tension at the front of the office where all the parents stand in line to pay.

I’m going to write this idea up and put it in the orthodontist’s suggestion box. I’ll let you know when the construction starts.

5 thoughts on “Braces

  1. I’m papadale, and I’m father-in-law to another grey hair, that said, Grandma Mary and I related well to your visit to the orthodontist, we raised 3 sons, all 3 needed braces, and, although we never see them smile, the do now have beautiful teeth. About the time we were getting estimates for son #3, the good Doctor came in to discuss it with, then Mom Mary, he was wearing a huge Rolex, alligator shoes, and a monogrammed silk shirt after explaining that he had recently been forced to raise his fees, he then bragged about the great time had by all when he took his family on a 2 week Hawaiian cruise and vacation. Lesson learned, don’t make conversation with those bleep-bleeps, just grit your teeth, write the checks, and then run to the bank and refinance. Good luck, sounds like the kids are at the age your going to need it.


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