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Pink Tie Up Shoes

Every pair of shoes my seven year old owns are either slip ons, have buckles or use Velcro to fasten them. What I realized today is that because of this youngest daughter doesn’t know how to tie her shoes. Okay, she can, I haven’t been that BAD a mother, but since she doesn’t have to do it very often she doesn’t do it well or quickly.

This is the joy of being a third child.

Dearest oldest child got taught to tie her shoes when we were caught in the middle of a traffic jam for two hours in New York city. I had nothing else to do to keep her entertained so I climbed into the back of the minivan and we practiced. After two hours of steady Mom time and practice she had it all figured out.

The son got taught when it came time for the sports apparel. Soccer cleats and hockey skates only come in laces, so son got taught quickly but I must admit not as patiently as his older sister.

Which leads me to my youngest and third child. As I type this she is sitting on the floor beside my desk and is practicing tying her shoe (actually it’s mine). Because I’m a bad mother I’ve printed out instructions on how to tie a shoe to help guide her. I need to get on the floor and help her.

…and I will. Just as soon as I empty the dishwasher, wipe the kitchen counters off, throw a load of wash in, help the older two kids with homework, return the phone calls I received today, get a cleaner out for the stain in the bathroom sink and feed the cat. Oh, and look the garbage can is over flowing and who is that at the door?

Ahh, how sweet. Darling youngest daughter has fallen asleep on the floor beside the computer waiting for me. Lace up shoes obviously make very comfy pillows.

Maybe I need to go back to New York and find a traffic jam. Better yet, is seven years old too young for high heels? They don’t need laces.

Bad Mommy. Bad, bad, bad.

4 thoughts on “Pink Tie Up Shoes

  1. My son has a shoes that tie phobia (is there a name for that?). He freaks out when I pick one up off the shelf at the shoe store.
    I’m fairly certain that he won’t know how to tie shoes until he is at least ten and that will be because he taught himself.


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