Selfish Mama.

Art in the Park is a local art festival that happens in my town every summer down by the lake. It’s a nice little festival where local artists can showcase their wares and us non-talented folk can spend a lazy afternoon wandering around in the sun. There’s a lot of nice stuff there and my oldest daughter and I spent a very nice few hours there this past August looking at all the pictures, pottery, jewelry and such.

In the end I bought two small paintings that I put in my downstairs bathroom. They are simple paintings of flowers and are just beautiful.

Yesterday in the mail I received a hand written note from the artist, thanking me for buying her art. No advertising was included, no other show information or anything was stuffed in the envelope. She had simply sent me a Hallmark thank you card with a hand written note of appreciation inside.

Nice? Yes. Very.

So why did it make me feel like a total self centered inadequate shite?

Reality is, I don’t write lovely thank you notes to the people who do really nice things for me. If I did then I should probably have written a thousand thank you cards over the past month alone to all the people who have helped me out, given me things or done nice things for me. Shoot, I’m really behind.

Damn  you nice artist lady, find something else to do! Go and paint more pictures or something, you’re making me feel totally inadequate. You’re making me feel rude, mean and ungrateful.

I don’t think I ever really liked her pictures anyway. Maybe the bathroom needs re-decorating.

Anyone want to buy some really nice paintings?

3 thoughts on “Selfish Mama.

  1. We have a similar art festival here in the fall. I agree with the above – I would have thought she was pushing more art…but since she didn’t include a card or anything…that is pretty nice. Too nice uh? Yeah, too nice!!


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