I can think still. Wonder of wonders.

I was sitting in a class the other day and I actually forgot who I was for a few minutes. Scary, eh?

I didn’t forget who I was totally, I just found myself for a minute thinking that I was like the people around me – young, sparky, and on the whole rather badly dressed.

Just for the record I am old, dull and okay, often rather badly dressed.

The point is that I finally found time for me. Not just time, but space and the freedom from being, well the tired mama and wife that I usually am. I kinda forgot about everyone else’s needs, wants, laundry and what I had to pick up on the way home for dinner and just settled into a debate with some bright people about something that didn’t involve my family, bodily functions or the food that my children didn’t want to eat.

I used my brain. I used words of more then three syllables. Someone said to me; ‘You have a good point.’

I missed these things being in my life, and you know what? Until then I hadn’t even really realized how much.

Now it only lasted for a few minutes, because part way through the discussion my cell phone vibrated and reality came crashing in. Still, it was nice.

Actually, the feeling is sorta like the high that I get when I’ve had a bit too much wine.


It’s the weekend. Let’s use the good crystal.

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