Good Morning!

This morning was one of those mornings when I don’t like being a mother and my family really doesn’t like me, mother or otherwise.

This morning the guitar music couldn’t be found. The trumpet book was lost too. My youngest insisted that the largest stuffed animal we owned had to be dragged in for show and tell. No one could find their lunch boxes for me to fill. The beds were too hard to make. The tooth paste tasted funny. The notices that should have been brought out last night for me to sign showed up this morning instead. Someone forgot to tell me about the extra school supplies they needed TODAY. It was an hour from hell.

And was I a calm, cool and helpful Mama? Oh, maybe for the first ten minutes. Then I lost it.

I am not a morning person. I am really not a morning person when all my children’s problems become mine and we only have ten minutes to get out the door. I’m trying to raise organized responsible children. I am failing miserably.

It was so bad that our indoor cat disappeared out the door. Smart cat.

My husband tried to tell me this morning that I should just calm down as they are just kids and this is what kids do. Didn’t help. He got yelled at a lecture too.

Now I need to sort through the rubble that was left behind after the mornings chaos and get myself to my morning class.

I need a shower and I need caffeine.

First of all though I need to go find the damn cat.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. I lose it on a regular basis, literally, lose it. I even throw things sometimes and have mini-tantrums. I hate myself for it but I do it anyway. Sometimes I just need to behave like my children in order to retain my sanity.


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