Tired Daughter too.

I picked up the kids from school today and my youngest was just a whiny crying mess. There seemed to be no good reason for it either.

I smiled at her, she cried.

I fed her, she sobbed.

I asked her about her day, she pitched a fit.

I finally put her alone in a room with her dolls and told everyone just to stay clear. I then put her to bed at 7:30 and she was asleep by 7:32.

TiredMama had a TiredDaughter tonight. Now I just hope she’s not up at 4 am fully rested and looking for someone to talk to.

Maybe I’ll sleep on Dave’s side of the bed tonight.

2 thoughts on “Tired Daughter too.

  1. Wait another year for teenage narcolepsy to hit eldest daughter. I had to wake mine up out of her math homework today (she was using her bookbag as a pillow).


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