As many of you may already know I’m heading back to school this Friday. I’m heading back to University and I’m signed up to take what is considered to be three quarters of a full load of courses.

As I was trying to get my kids dressed, the laundry thrown in the dryer, the dishwasher emptied and the house some what tidied before I headed out the door to get the last minute school supplies this morning I had a panic attack.

How in the hell am I going to manage all this when we’ve all got to be out the door at 8 am and I don’t get back until about 5 pm?

Now I know thousands of Moms do it every day and have for years. I know that working Moms some how balance the kids, school work, the husband, extra curricular activities and all the rest. Some Moms do it alone. Some Moms do it with unhelpful spouses. What I want to know is how do they manage it without pulling a gun on their loved ones or themselves?

Most working Moms I know say that you have to let things slide a bit, and that you just can’t have the same expectations of keeping the house as clean and be as on top of things as you were when you were home full time. Ummm, have you seen my house? If we let it slide anymore we’re going to be at the bottom of Lake Ontario.

You would also think that my kids are old enough to help out too. I know that they’re old enough, I’m just not sure I have the patience to ask them the one hundred times over and over again to do the things I need done. Unless my head is literally spinning around on my shoulders my kids pay very little attention to me when I ask them to clean up around here. I fear I am going to be very dizzy.

Now I know I can do this. I think, big stress on the word – think that hubby is supportive. He has always said that I was happier when I was working. I think what he really means is that he was happier when I was out of the house all day and wasn’t there fuming about having to pick up the undies and socks that he left lying on the floor at home. Ten years ago, when we were both working my scanties were often left lying right there beside his on the floor and no one complained.

So, I’m going to test this theory by making myself busy again. We’ll see how it all goes. I hope I’ll be happier. I thought I was pretty happy already but we’ll see. I’m always up for more happiness.

Look out Lake Ontario, we’re coming on down to see what’s at the bottom of you!

Can’t wait I tell you – just can’t wait.

One thought on “Sliding

  1. Yep – things’ll definitely have to slide. Dishes will have to sit dirty in the sink, clothes on the floor etc… But that’s what Saturday mornings are for – family clean up day! That’s how we handled it when I was working.


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