Grocery Store Hell

Dear Big Box Grocery Store;

I stopped by today to pick up some groceries. We had no food in the house and since my children seem to get hungry at regular intervals it seemed to make sense to drop by, collect a few things and give you all my money.

Since you are so large, it took me about an hour to fill my cart.

I then stood in line for OVER AN HOUR to pay.

Now, I didn’t expect to wait an hour to pay. By the time I realized it was going to take me this long I had already invested too much time in the process to simply ditch the cart and go some where else.

When I asked the girl at the register to call someone to open another cash register she told me that no one else was available.

The lady in line ahead of me had to put her ice cream back because it was leaving puddles all over the floor.

I did have a nice HOUR long bonding conversation with the women in line behind me, but I was late picking up my kids on their first day of school.

No manager came out to apologize. No one offered me a coupon or a free cup of coffee.

I will not be coming back for a visit any time soon.

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