Chemically Dependent

I have one chemical dependency. It’s not as bad as cocaine or other illegal drugs but I still don’t talk a lot about it. You see I’m addicted to Wella Q2467. I NEED a fix every six to seven weeks. If I don’t get one by eight weeks my whole well being is affected. Wella Q2467 you see is my hair dye.

I grew up with mousy brown hair. I wasn’t a brunette but I wasn’t a blond either, I was sort of in between with great hair that even got those golden sort of highlights in the summer. I didn’t appreciate it nearly enough.

Today forty years later, the back of my head is a mousy brown, the front is a lighter brown and right down the left side, if I let my hair have its way would be an inch wide section of gray. Personally I’m blaming the kids and the husband for it.

Still it’s there and I don’t like it so I try and get it colored out every seven weeks. You would think this would be easy. I wish.

When I lived in the USA it was okay. Guy, my lovely gay hairdresser just gave me highlights and blended it away. It looked natural, and he was sweet as can be. I was only 32, little did I know the changes that the next ten years would bring for my hair.

When I lived in the UK, they heard my Canadian-American sounding accent and I swear they assume over there that all North Americans want to be blond so they made me blond. Too blond. I was platinum and I didn’t like it.

So here I am back in Canada looking for a hair dresser. I thought I had found one as the first few go rounds were fine. Now however she’s trying to convince me to grow out my bangs and go even darker. Now I’m a brunette and I look like a sheep dog. My bangs are driving me so crazy that I’m even considering putting in a hair-band. I don’t think grown women should wear hair bands. They look cute on my seven year old. On me? Not so much.

So here I am, in hair hell. I can’t get my hair looking good and I can’t convince myself to drop the chemical dependency and go gray. I’m just not ready to go through dye with-drawl yet. Please God, I’m too young.

So my friends, how do you feel about turbans? No?

Baseball hats with a pony tail? I really can’t as that’s just too ‘suburban new Mom’. I’m too old for that.

I wonder what dearest hubby would think about helping me shave my head. Sigh. Now you know why there’s no pictures of me on this blog.

3 thoughts on “Chemically Dependent

  1. I had to stop the chemical enablers during pregnancy. Not for fear of hurting the baby, but because we couldn’t find a color that didn’t turn my normally dark brown hair ORANGE. It was mortifying. To this day I’m still terrified of foil and small paint brushes.
    God help me when the grays come (I feel them growing, it’s a conspiracy). I’ll go bald with you!


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