Writers Freeze

I’m suffering from a writers freeze today. Not a block, but a freeze. A block would mean I can’t write, this freeze is because I’m sort of feeling embarrassed about blogging today.

It’s not that I don’t have any stories to relate. As my husband pointed out last night my family provides me with a ton of material. It’s just that I’ve suddenly realized that people are actually reading this.

Now I only get about 40 hits on my web/blog page a day, and so far most of the people who have been commenting are other bloggers. After being out this weekend and talking to my friends however I now realize that people I actually know are reading this blog too. I’m not sure why this is bothering me but this fact is making me feel rather self conscious today.

My girlfriends have all been very supportive and complimentary, so have my neighbors. They are all very nice people though and I think I’m afraid they are just being nice. I mean they are nice, so they are continuing to be encouraging and nice…get that?

So where does this leave me? Well, I’m committed to writing this blog for a course I start next week and I enjoy writing it so I guess I’m going to continue. I’ve even added ad’s over to the right so I’m making a tiny (very tiny) amount of money doing this which is making my husband a little (very little) bit happy.

So, feel free to drop by, click on an ad or click on the comments field at the end of each blog to leave a comment – I’m thinking I’ll be here for a while. Just be aware that if you mention my blog to me in person I’ll probably blush and then deny that it’s mine.

At least it’s better then denying that my kids are mine… a little.

2 thoughts on “Writers Freeze

  1. Don’t be shy …its great, well written.. we love it and best of all its like hearing the street gossip without having to go anywhere. We’re all voyeurs at heart. Blog on.. you can always come over for a bottle of wine (no blush here). Its an open invite.
    Cheers the Facist Liberal of Donessle


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