It’s Blog Day…okay, it was.

My new blogger friend at  http://www.justjanice.ca/cosmogrrl/ posted on her blog that August 31st was ‘Blog Day’. I guess I should celebrate it.

Janice also mentioned my blog in her blog (Mom on the Run), so I’m providing you with a link so you can go over and see it. I have no life, so this kind of thing makes me happy.

So…Happy Blog Day!

But really, does anyone else think this is all very silly?

Happy Leanne Day! while we’re at it. No, it’s not my birthday. But how many other ‘days’ do we need really? I mean there’s enough pressure just keeping up with Christmas….Gesh.

Still check out Janice’s blog, she seems very nice, her babies are VERY cute and unlike me she’s actually exercising….

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