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Summer Fun List

On June 14th I taped a blank piece of paper to my refrigerator and that was my start in helping the kids put together a list of things they wanted to do this summer. Since for the past twelve years I have either just given birth, moved or been pregnant every single summer, this vacation I wanted to do NOTHING. I figured I’d earned it.

The word NOTHING scared my family however so I said I would do what ever they wanted with in reason. All they had to do was write it on the nice piece of paper that I had stuck on the refrigerator and let Mom/me be the one to decide when it would happen.

So, here’s the list and how I did.

1) Go to the Zoo – We went here last Wednesday, it was actually okay.  – 1 point for me.

2) Go to Dairy Queen – We did this one almost weekly, after every soccer game in fact. – 2 points for me.

3) Go swimming – Our new house has a pool so the kids went swimming a lot. They also all had swimming lessons – more points for me.

4) Eat cheese fondue. – Okay, haven’t done this one yet, but I have all the stuff and six more days until school starts. I’m giving myself the points.

5) Marine Land – Went there, bought some T-shirts and even a blow up whale thing. More points for me.

6) Go to a Blue Jays game – This is our MLB home town team, we went tonight and they won too. Points, points, points!

7) Go to the Hockey Hall of Fame – This is an inside place so I vetoed this one as soon as it went on the list. We agreed that unless it snowed this summer we wouldn’t go until November or December. Thanks to global warming there was no snow this June through August here, so we missed this one. Still I’m not taking off points because it’s a winter sport and doesn’t belong on a summer list.

8) Buy a Cat – We got Ollie, our new cat from the shelter, at the beginning of the summer. Double points for me because pets don’t belong on a list like this one.

9) Have dinner at Nando’s – This is a local chicken place that we went to often when we lived in the UK and just stumbled upon one of them here in Canada. It is so-so food and is located a fair distance away from where we live but I finally took the kids there after the zoo on Wednesday. Do you notice some last minute panic here in the completion of the list?

10) Glow in the Dark Mini Golf – I hate this and I won’t go. It’s tacky, smelly and all things horrible. My children can go with their Dad.

That’s it. I got at least 80% of the list so I’m giving myself an A. I’ll miss the sleeping in and I hate the thought of fighting over homework again but it’s TIME FOR SCHOOL!

I’ll be the one in the school parking lot doing my happy dance next week after I drop them all off. I promise to keep all my clothes on this year.

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