A hot day at the Zoo

Since it was one of the hottest days of the year here, I decided to pack up my trio and leave my lovely air conditioned house and drag them around the zoo.

The reasoning behind it was that since they were all going a bit crazy around the ‘casa’ a change of scenery might be in order.

Why the zoo? I have no idea. All I can tell you is that it seemed a good idea at the time.

For the most part it was fine.  The heat was bearable, and I forced them all to drink many bottles of water and we all got some sun and exercise. Pat on the head for Mama.

I also discovered though that heat makes zoo animals uh, frisky.

Can someone tell me where the family zoo is in my town? Gesh, give these animals some sedatives or something during the kids visiting hours. I’ve never seen more mothers scrambling for explanations to animal ‘antics’ in my life. It was rather funny.

The most disturbing comment I over heard had to be that of a mother next to me, who after watching one zebra try and mount another, turned to her young daughter and said; ‘You see honey, they all do it. It doesn’t mean that it’s fun though.’

I wanted to say something to her. I wanted to say something to my kids. I wanted to ask her what her husband was doing wrong. But I guess she and I can’t really tell our tween kids the truth though.

‘No, no, no. It’s not fun until you’re at least thirty dear…and um, married, yeah married too.’ That’s what we need to tell them while they’re young. Right?

Oh boy. I’m so not ready for teenagers.

We’re not going back to the zoo for a while.

One thought on “A hot day at the Zoo

  1. OY! You are a brave woman!
    One time when my hubby and I went to the Zoo, they fed the wild dogs dead white bunnies. Only thing was – it was 1 week after Easter… Thankfully we didn’t have kids yet. We tried very hard not to laugh when a little girl started crying and asked her dad why the dogs were eating the easter bunny. You shoulda seent he look he gave us – it was priceless!


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