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Back to School Shopping!

I have to go shopping today.

Now I don’t really have a problem with this as I like to shop. The reason I’m sharing this is because I need to go ‘back to school’ shopping. This in itself may not surprise you as I do have three kids going back to school next week (Hallelujah!). The weird part is that all the back to school shopping for my kids is done – finito, complete.

I now have to go back to school shopping for me.

Now you would think that after visiting The Dollar Store (two of them), Wal-Mart (twice) and Staples, I would have at some point realized that I’m going back to school next week too and would have thought to pick myself up a note book or at least a pen. Nope. Didn’t even register. Why would I think about myself?

And this I know is a reoccurring problem that all Moms seem to have. We tend to forget about ourselves.

For instance, it doesn’t matter how sick we are, even if we can barely get out of bed, if the kids still need to get to school and all their activities, we drive them.

If it’s dinner time, and there’s no phone handy to order a pizza, we drag ourselves downstairs and get something on the table.

If a hamburger gets burnt on the grill, it’s not junior that gets it, it’s Mom.

If you’re a Mom you sacrifice for your kids, it’s a given. We all do it to a greater or lesser extent.

The funny part was I always thought I was too selfish to fall into this particular Mom pit. I’ve done my best to look after myself (no comments please) and I’ve tried not to let my entire life be dictated by my kids needs. (Denial – this woman is in denial!) Case in point, I am going back to University next week. I am strong, I am doing something for myself. Okay, I might be slightly nuts.

That said, after being in a gazillion stationary supply places this week I still don’t even have a pencil to take to school with me. If I can I will get out to a stationary store today and I’ll buy myself a pen – maybe even two.

If I can’t get out then maybe the seventeen year old, who will no doubt be sitting next to me in class next Tuesday, will take pity on me and lend me a pen and a sheet of paper. After all I know he or she will have extras, their Mom will have made sure of it.

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