I am hiding.

I am hiding in my office.

I have closed the door and I can hear through the walls that my kids think I have gone out shopping and left them alone with their father. They have now gone looking for their Dad.

This is a good thing because they are looking for someone to referee a fight.

It is August. My kids have been off school since June 15th. I need them to go back to school because I am sick of them fighting with each other, taunting each other, poking each other, stealing each others things, calling each other ‘potty’ names and even just plain old LOOKING at each other.

They. Are. Driving. Me. Crazy.

I need school to start. I need them to go and have some nice teacher entertain them for a while.

School starts in eleven days. I am planning on staying in my office until then.

Can someone please come over in a few days and slide a sandwich under the door? Thanks.

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