Dave and I have been together for almost twenty years now, we’ve been married for almost fifteen. We’ve owned six houses, lived in three countries and had three children together.

I knew after I dated him for just six weeks that I could make a marriage work with him. I talk and he understands me, he talks and I listen. It works.

Unfortunately over the last few days Dave and I have been bickering. We’ve been bickering about stupid things too, money stuff, kids activities, who does more housework – all trivial stuff. Today we even had a spat over who took more garbage bags out to the curb this morning.

So, a few hours ago we sat together for the two minutes we had before we both dashed off in different directions and I told him I didn’t like it. He told me he didn’t like it either. So we agreed to stop.

Will we? I don’t know. I know we will try though. We’re probably also going to have to take some time out and talk about some of the things which are bothering us, the division of chores and the budget being just two of them.

We’re also going to have to stop spending so much time on work, kids stuff and the house and maybe expend a little extra time on each other. Not exactly earth shattering news when you want a marriage to work but some times in the rush-rush life we live we forget the simple things. When it comes right down to it the core of this crazy chaotic family we cherish so much is built and therefore totally dependent on our relationship – our friendship.

So, we’ll sit down and work it out. And all it will probably take to put the bickering to rest is for me to pay more of the bills and for him to wipe off the kitchen counter more often.

Dave doesn’t tell me if he reads my blog or not but I know he does as he asked me one day if I had ever bought the Christmas lights at Costco and he commented just this morning on the price of the JT tickets I had bought, both these pieces of information could only be found in my last few postings. So let me use my blog to give him more information…

I love you honey.

And just for the record, I DID take out more bags of garbage then you today.

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