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Love it. Hate it.

If there is one thing that Canadians are known for around the world it’s got to be hockey.

It’s brutal, it’s exciting. It’s as Canadian as baseball is American (to my USA friends) and we love it as equally as they (and us Canuks actually) love apple pie.

I personally have a love/hate thing going with the sport. I grew up watching "Hockey Night in Canada" as I had two older brothers and a father who loved the sport. I married a man who will happily lie on our family room couch every Saturday night and  watch it. And, it would seem I gave birth to a little boy who has inherited the gene.

This week is hockey camp – time to put the soccer ball away, strap on the skates and try and figure out how to get around on the ice again before you head off for team try-outs.

Now my son has a distinct disadvantage against your average Canadian hockey-mad child as we dragged him off to live in the USA and then the UK for his formative years. He didn’t get the weekly skating lessons that most of his buddies had as soon as they could toddle, so he’s a little behind on his hockey skills.

But that doesn’t stop him from trying. And actually the difference from last year to this year is staggering. Last year he could barely stand on his skates while this year he’s skating forward, backwards and spinning around in between. He chugs down the ice and stands on one foot with his stick held above his head. He can now do one of those very cool two foot spray of snow hockey stops. He is awesome. When I see this, and see how happy he is it’s the best game inthe world.

I do however have issues with all the ‘stuff’ you need to play the sport. Robbie starts getting ready a full half hour before we have to leave to even get to the arena and I need to help him get the rest of his equipment on when we get there.

My fingers are bleeding, possibly scared for life, from trying to get his skate laces tight enough. On Monday I made an hour long round trip home and back again because a glove had been left at home. There are just too many bits and pieces to this game. Give me the soccer ball, cleats, and shin pads any day.

Today we need to get his skates sharpened, new laces put in them and buy a bigger water bottle. I need a new list just to keep on top of the hockey stuff, not to mention a new Visa card.

I’m going to a chiropractor tomorrow to see if he can do anything about the pain in my neck from lugging around a full seven hundred pound hockey bag. The thing is bigger then my son, and weighs more too.

The only saving grace in all this is that once hockey camp is over my part is well, not done but diminished. The games, practices and try-outs will move to Saturdays and before and after school times once school starts. Darling husband gets to take over then and I will let out a huge sigh of relief

….and then I’ll head out the door with my ballerina.

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