Hire Me!

The exciting news is that I just got accepted into the Professional Writing Program at our local University. I guess they liked my Blogs. (York U, for anyone who knows my area).

The not so great news is that the class times are totally going to muck up my time with my kids as the classes don’t fall neatly into the slots when my trio are in school. They are so bad in fact that I may only be able to take a few classes this term instead of the full class course load that I’m being offered.

The other not so great news is that I have to some how get my husband to think that this is great news. He wants me to get a job. A job? Like go out and work? Like go out and work and earn money? Now why would I want to do that? Oh, bills.  I see.

Anyone got a well paying job for a ten year stay at home Mom, who is thinking about enrolling in school part-time to get her third degree? I’m available everyday between 9 am and 2 pm, but I need off most of December, two weeks in March, two weeks in June and all of July and August.

Yeah, I know. That’s kinda what I thought too. Hello reality! I’ll let you know what I find. 

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