$124.00 for each ticket
$25.00 for parking
$10.00 for two hot dogs
$6.00 for two water bottles.
$45.00 for the T-Shirt
$15.00 for the program

Watching my daughter sing, bounce and dance at her first concert – PRICELESS.

7 thoughts on “JT

  1. That’s okay. It seems to be happening a lot and not just by you! I was going to look through the TypePad help screens and see if I have something set up wrong. But really, thanks for commenting! It’s so much fun to get comments…I know, I have no life. But I LOVE getting them.


  2. Yep, I made her pay for her own program but I bought the T-shirt for her. Zip up T’s were $100. She started talking about her next concert and I told her to start saving her pennies….
    I miss the Barbie days, much cheaper.


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