My Big Night Out…

Yesterday my eldest daughter came into my home office and asked if I knew when Justin Timberlake was coming to play a concert in Toronto.

‘Um. I don’t know’ I replied, but since I was sitting at my computer I added, ‘but I bet I know where we can find out.’ I then typed in the URL; www.JustinTimberlake.com, clicked on ‘Tours’ and found out he was playing in town here tonight.

For some insane reason, and without any prompting I then clicked on the ‘Get Tickets’ button on the screen. I expected the show to be sold out. It wasn’t. As a matter of fact TicketMaster popped up two really good, and really expensive seats. Oops.

Of course, once eldest daughter saw the tickets, she put on her pleading face and asked if we could go. We meaning me and her. TicketMaster was giving me two minutes to decide if I wanted these tickets. No pressure.

‘Go and ask your Dad if he’s home Monday night to watch the other two if we decide to go’, I suggested. TicketMaster meanwhile was quickly ticking down the seconds.

She raced back. He was going to be home! Oh boy (insert other four letter word here). I have twenty seconds left – do I hit the X or the Buy button?

Now I have to tell you that eldest daughter is a good kid. A very good kid in fact. She gets good marks, she works hard at all her extra activities and as I type this she is up in her little sister’s bedroom helping her clean it up. I didn’t ask her to do it, she just does stuff like this. She also folds laundry, will empty the dishwasher (when asked) and she even watches her younger siblings quite often for me when I run errands. She has the occasional meltdown – but she is usually very pleasant to be around.

Now all I know about Justin Timberlake is that he’s the latest tween girl heart throb. I’m not sure all his songs are the stuff I want her hearing all the time, but I hear a lot of him on the ‘pop’ radio station we have on in the van and it doesn’t seem like bad stuff.

After mulling this all over for another ten seconds I pulled out my over-used Visa and clicked on the Buy button.

So I’m going to see Justin Timberlake tonight. I will probably need earplugs to save my head from all the screaming twelve to fourteen year olds, but hey – I’m bonding with my daughter.

What does one wear to a tween concert anyway? I’m hoping that jeans and a t-shirt will work. If not it probably won’t matter as I’m bound to be the oldest one there. Now, if you’ll excuse me – I’m off to do my hair, I’m going to see Justin tonight you know.

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