Mini Woes

I had packed up the trio early this morning and was happily dragging them around with me running errands when I suddenly had a revelation.

I drive a minivan.

I’m not sure why this was such a revolution to me. We’ve bought three minivans, sold two vans and then moved on and bought another. I’ve owned a minivan in three different countries. Two have been the same colour (dark blue) and one was red. If I remember correctly, I fought to get a red one, Dave didn’t like red vans.

It suddenly occurred to me today however that I don’t WANT to drive a minivan. Minivan’s are not cool.

The problem is I seem to have very little to say about what I drive. I have three kids, we have lots of stuff, and it makes sense to drive a minivan as everything fits. I don’t even remember really discussing the type of car we would buy to get around in, some how we just went and picked out the minivan we liked the best and bought it. I don’t think we ever thought about getting something that wasn’t a minivan. Still, minivans are not cool.

Am I having a mid-life crisis? I must admit that I could get into driving a red convertible. Would the kids all fit though? Maybe I could just buy one of those big trucks that some of my friends drive around in. Unfortunately I don’t think my global warming guilt would allow that.

It doesn’t make financial sense to sell this minivan and buy something else, it’s barely a year old and as vans go it’s a nice minivan. Still, it’s a minivan and it’s not cool which means I’m not cool.

I think I want to still be cool – if only in my own head. Fonzie come save me! Sigh.

One thought on “Mini Woes

  1. I came to exactly the same conclusion driving today. We rented a cute little Peugeot in Scotland and now I want something equally small and sporty!


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