I just had to go back through my blogs and delete about three comments that my twelve year old daughter had posted.

I now understand why most of the women who blog are those with small children – it’s because their children can’t read yet.

My twelve year is a good kid, but she’s getting a little too much joy reading about my foibles and adventures as I’ve been blogging them here.

(I also have a problem with the fact that she’s on line posting her comments at 10:30 pm. Umm… You’re twelve, and I don’t care if it is summer vacation – GO TO BED!!!)

I suppose I need to keep my child’s respect through her teen years by not letting her know too much about what I’m doing, feeling or thinking. Unfortunately by keeping a blog, I’m revealing a lot of that to the world and since she’s reading it, to her.

I’m gonna have to think about this one for a while.

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