A camping we will go…

We’re off camping for a few days. Yes, camping. No, Hubby and I don’t camp, or let me say we did when we were younger but now our tastes run more towards four and five star hotels, preferably those with the ‘ten line’ or ‘heavenly dressed’ beds. We’ve become spoiled.

The reason we’re going camping is because nine families that we are friends with are also going camping and they booked us a spot to go with them at a provincial park this weekend. These other nine families have been going camping together every August for the last twelve years. They book their camping spots every February for the following August. This year they included us in the reservation – what can I say? It seemed like a good idea in February.

Dave, toddler Jen and I did go camping with this group when they went the first time, but that was twelve years ago and since then we haven’t lived close enough to do ‘the camping thing’ again. But now we’re home, so we’ve now been included. I think I’m flattered.

The camping group has grown over the years – it was originally just three families with three toddlers. Now it’s ten families with about twenty-one children.

I went out yesterday and bought a tent and a cooler. I spent last night making a list of the things I think we might need – it’s a VERY long list.

I’m going out now to get groceries and batteries. I have to say that this is a lot of work. Anyone know if they have Hilton’s up north? Wireless Internet connections?

Didn’t think so. Sigh.

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