Tis the season…

I can talk to my husband about anything – almost. Granted some things he takes more of an interest in then others but there are very few topics that I won’t at least try to talk to him about. And to give him his due Dave does, most of the time anyway, try to take an interest in the things that I say.

It is however August and there is one thing that I know he will not want to talk to me about. One thing that when I bring up the subject I will get a ‘You’ve got to be kidding look’ and then he will turn away and tune me out.

The topic?

Christmas lights.

Dave hates hanging Christmas lights. He hates untangling them. He hates getting up on the ladder to hang them. If I didn’t have such poor balance and a terrible fear of heights he would probably make me get on the ladder and hang them up myself. He does however understand that having our house all decked out and twinkly at Christmas time is important to both me and kids so usually (with a lot of complaining) he gets up the ladder around the beginning of December and hangs the lights. He does a good job too, no messy or uneven lights at our house. They usually look really nice.

Last year I was gone the last weekend of November on a girls shopping spree and he and the kids decided to surprise me by hanging up the lights while I was away. The only problem was when I got home, half the lights were hung, Dave’s patience was gone and the lights he put up were icicle lights. Icicle lights that looked truly tacky on my lovely new home.

I wanted little white lights. Unfortunately most of the stores around here were in short supply of these lights by the first weekend in December last year and since there was also no way I was going to get Dave up the ladder to put up a different set of lights I was stuck with tacky icicle lights.

Today I was at Costco however and there they were – Christmas lights. Nice small white Christmas lights that would be perfect on my new home. I have no idea why the Christmas decorations are out at Costco in August but they are, and I want those lights.

Now all I have to do is some how figure out how to tell my husband that I want to go and buy Christmas lights tomorrow and ask him to help me figure out how many boxes I need.

This is going to take an awful lot of beer… 

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