This one’s for Daniel…

Dsc01270_7 Yep, the gates are in.

All it took was for me to get really nasty with the gate ‘guys’ on Friday. They stopped taking my calls so I finally left a message that said if I didn’t hear from them within the next hour I would be at their office to sort everything out.

I can’t understand why they wouldn’t want a hormonal old lady in their show room, but I suppose me yelling at them might have been bad for business. It’s just too bad that I had to get all ‘threatening’ before I got any action.

Anyway they came back fixed all the problems and in the end I must admit ,they did a good job.

Now I just have to be a hormonal nag to my hubby to get the fence around the pool taken down.

Don’t you wish you lived with me?

One thought on “This one’s for Daniel…

  1. Thanks for the update Leanne. Fence looks very nice, don’t see anyone trying to climb that thing. To bad it took so much just to get it done, although I would have liked to see you going in there and taking care of business.


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