Mini-van Mom

I met up with a girl friend of mine today that I haven’t seen in about ten years. She and I were really close before I met my husband and she and I had a lot of fairly tame fun together.

In the past decade she and I have both married, moved out of the country (she’s still out – I’m home again) and had a number of children.

Dave always liked my friend but ever since the time I had too much to drink with her and we called him at 3 am to come and drive us home I think he decided that maybe she might be a bad influence on dear little straight laced me.

My friend Dee is tall, slender and well, she’s beautiful. She always catches male attention where ever she goes. I’m just sort of plain next to her and actually I’ve never had a problem with that.

I did however have a problem with my husband asking me, as I was getting ready to leave, if Dee had changed. "I donno," I responded, "probably, she’s a little older but I ‘m sure she’s still really pretty. Why?"

Hubby replies, "I just wondered if she was still a sports car."

A sports car? Huh? I VERY unwisely laughed. "Well, if she was a sports car, then what was I – a station wagon?"

"No," he replies, "you were always more of a mini-van."


He ran from the room laughing. I yelled after him, "I’m going to blog this whole conversation! I’ll let the whole world know how rotten you are to your wife!"

So, here it is. I love my blog. Much better then running him over with the real mini-van.

One thought on “Mini-van Mom

  1. Those sports cars are all show anyway. The minivan is reliable, dependable, practical, and low maintenance. Count your lucky stars…


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