The son is in soccer camp this week and had a soccer game last night and so I wasn’t surprised that after nine straight hours wearing cleats that he was asking for a band-aid for a blister.

I was a happy Mom because today when I was at WalMart I actually picked up some Ratatouille band-aids, and since we saw the movie a few weeks ago not only was I current but I actually knew where the damn things were. (Still in the WalMart bag in the trunk of the minivan).

I helped my nine year old put the band-aid around his baby toe and kissed him good-night. "Mom," he asks "if a band-aid is on too tight, will your toe rot and fall off?"

I considered the question. "Well," I reply, "I guess it could, but it would have to be on really tight so that your circulation was cut off. Is your band-aid on too tight?"

"No," he replies. Good. I leave the room.

Several minutes later, he’s yelling down the stairs at me. "Mom if the band-aid was on so tight that the circulation was cut off would it hurt?"

"Yes," I reply. "Is your band-aid on too tight?" "No," he replies. Good. I go down the basement to move over some laundry from the washer to the dryer.

A few minutes later, he’s followed me downstairs. "Mom, if the band-aid was on too tight, and your toe was about to fall off and you were asleep, would it just fall off?"

"No love, it would hurt enough that you would wake up. Now, why don’t I just take the band-aid off and we’ll put on a new one in the morning before you leave for camp?"

"No," he replies, "I like this band-aid."

"Okay," I tell him.

A few minutes later I go up to check that he’s asleep and the band-aid is stuck to his radio on his nightstand. I guess my son wanted to be sure he would have all his toes in the morning.

As an update, the gate installers NEVER showed up today, Robbie won his soccer game tonight and yes, it was REALLY hot, even for me just sitting on the sidelines watching. We think they should start selling beer at the games…just to keep us parents hydrated of course.

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