We’re a farmin’ family. I’m just kidding about the chicken though.

In spite of terrible neglect, a less than perfect site and a very late start, my children are THRILLED to know that they’re going to be eating vegetables out of our garden tonight. Yes, I’m serious.

That was sort of the point actually. My trio helped purchase and plant the vegetables and every once in a while (okay, twice I think) they helped water and weed the garden too. I had hoped that my ‘veggie-limited-eaters’ would take some interest in trying the fresh vegetables that they helped create and hallelujah and all that, it seems to have worked.

Tonight we are having a caesar salad made from the romaine lettuce that they grew and sliced fresh cucumber too. We have a ton of cucumbers and if all the tomatoes on the vine ever ‘redden’ I’ll be trying to figure out how to make spaghetti sauce from scratch before the summer’s out.

We also have two pumpkins that are growing back there so I’m hoping that they’ll do for Halloween. There is one (yep, just one) ear of corn on its way, carrots, a few cantaloupe and two watermelons. The peas didn’t make it.

I’m surprised how easy this has been,the interest the kids – especially my son – have taken in it and how happy they are about eating this stuff. I think I’ll be doing this again next year.

Maybe I’ll get a chicken too.

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