Writing in the Car

I write some of my best stuff in the car. I’ve written e-mails, thank you cards, witty blogs and even a few short nasty notes to other drivers. The problem is, or in the case of the other drivers maybe the good thing is, all this great writing is done in my head and rarely gets transferred to paper or keyboard and sent out.

Which brings me to my ‘lightbulb’ moment of the day; I need is a tape recorder! Then I can just ‘talk’ all my brilliant ideas onto a tape and type them up later.

The problem is that if I saved everything on tape, I’d probably also need a typist to transpose everything, I mean who has time to type up a tape?

And since I’m requesting secretarial help, shouldn’t I be asking for a house cleaner, a cook and a nanny too?

Oh yeah, and a gardener, a cabana boy pool cleaner and I could definitely use someone to stop that funny light in my mini van from flashing on all the time too.

Not going to happen. So maybe I’ll just buy myself a little tape recorder. The only problem will be keeping the kids quiet long enough so I can use it. I think I’ll get some duct tape too.

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