Halo It happened from about 8 pm to 11 pm last night, I looked like a good, no make that a great Mom.

We had a couple over for dinner who are in their late forties, and don’t have children. My trio were here and were trotted out to make small talk and be charming before I banished them for the night.

But I didn’t have to banish them because they were all, yes all three, were amazing. They were polite, they helped clear tables, they served, they made small talk and they actually listened politely to our guests. They sat still and didn’t run crazy through the house like untamed animals when I was busy. In short, they were nothing like the normal children I yell at daily. They made me look good. I was gulp, very proud of them. I’m still in shock.

It got worse. When the couple commented on how wonderful my kids are, and how rare it is to see polite kids these days etc., etc… Dave and I didn’t burst out laughing. We just nodded wisely like these aliens who had taken over our children were actually ours and that this was the way they always acted.

Dave then told these nice people, that he had to give all the credit to me as I spent all the time with our children. It was too dark to see if he was remembering the REAL riotous behavior that my kids had been exhibiting just hours earlier and if this was a veiled jab.

I decided not to look for deeper motives, but just shut up, drank my wine and savored the moment.

2 thoughts on “Wow.

  1. What’s even funnier is that some daughter’s forget that, not too long ago their Mom’s were the ‘kids’ themselves, and that we actually do remember more then you think! Love you…


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