Everyone loves something….

Cin_bun My nine year old son LOVES cinnamon buns. Doesn’t just like them but LOVES them.

I can withhold them as punishment, I can offer them as a reward. It works. It’s easy. I shamelessly use them.

This morning, he asked me if he could have one for breakfast. Which leads me to my question, are pastries an acceptable breakfast food?

I’m thinking that they’re probably not. They’re full of sugar, probably have little nutritional value and possibly have a ton of fat in them. If I was going for the ‘Mother of the Year’ award I would have probably said no and started cutting up some fruit for him.

Did I say yes? Of course I did, with a disclaimer that this was a special treat and that tomorrow it’s back to cereal. We also agreed that he would finish a glass of orange juice along with it. One fruit serving down, nine zillion to go.

Am I being a bad mother? Probably, but I’ll let you know how bad after I check out a bakery web site and figure out what’s in these things.

But before I type in the URL, maybe I’ll just go and check on my son, he might just need some help….finishing off the box.

One thought on “Everyone loves something….

  1. No. You’re not a bad mother, certainly no worse than the Moms who pour Lucky Charms and Captain Crunch in their kid’s bowls and send them out into the world, hyped on high-fructose corn syrup.
    Yes, I’m talking about myself.


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