Everything is questionable…..

Last night at 4 am my son woke me up to ask me why he couldn’t sleep.

This morning my youngest daughter yelled at me, asking if the clothes she was holding matched. I was at the time several walls, not to mention one floor away.

After breakfast, as I drove my daughters to camp, I was asked what the construction workers three miles away were building. "Ummm, a building," I answered. They were satisfied.

It seems that my children are under some misguided notion that I know the answer to just about everything.

I guess it’s understandable, I have spent all of their lives positioning myself as an authority figure, and I have tried to answer as clearly and honestly as I can all their questions. What I didn’t count on was how many questions they would all have. I also didn’t realize how TIRING it could be trying to come with answers all the time.

I also must admit that sometimes their questions get on my nerves. I truly have wanted to answer with ‘how the heck should I know’, more then once. Still, my kids think I know something and from what I hear that is going to change drastically when they hit their teenage years, so I guess I should just try and enjoy it for now.

Besides, when the questions get really weird, there’s always googling, and when I have to resort to that usually we all learn something. I guess it’s all good.

One thought on “Everything is questionable…..

  1. Smart women, smart mothers, right? ;D I find it quite amusing that I’m not just considered all-(factual)knowing, but that I am prescient as well. Sadly my answer to Liam’s questions about when and what will happen in the future is invariably ‘I don’t know’. It doesn’t seem to stop him from asking, though!


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