Dsc00937_8 Yes, he’s arrived and he’s cute and he’s a total pain in the ‘you know what’ at times. Introducing the newest member of our family: “Ollie”.

He was named by the Humane Society (ASPCA) where we found him cute as a button and slightly frantic in his little cage. Personally Becca and I would have changed his name but Jen and Robs were adamant that we couldn’t, so “Ollie” he stayed.

Now that he’s almost all of six months old we have to get him neutered. I’m hoping it will calm him down a bit, so far this morning I’ve already yelled at him three times and I haven’t even been up for a full hour yet!

My other dilemma is that when I called to get an appointment to get him ‘fixed up’, they asked if I wanted to get him de-clawed at the same time. De-clawed? I thought only cruel and evil people de-clawed cats?

As I think of my house and the new furniture I want to buy after we finish the renovations however I must admit it’s tempting……

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