The Bad Mother’s Handbook, by Kate Long

Bad_mothers_handbook I was going to bed last night and had nothing new to read so I grabbed a book off my book shelf. The strategy was to try and pick out one that I couldn’t remember reading but I think what I really liked about this book was the title: “The Bad Mother’s Handbook”. I bought it when I was in England and can only vaguely remember the story. What can I say, some parts of my life are a blur….

But I digress; by the time I moved the laundry over, put away all the kids shoes, put the cushions back on the family room couch and checked on my trio, it was forty-five minutes later and I was seriously tired. So I didn’t get past the first few pages, still the ‘forward’ is worth mentioning. The book opens with:

"I’ll tell you a tale
About a snail
That jumped in t’ fire
And burnt its tail.

I’ll tell thee another
About its brother
Did t’ same
Silly owd bugger."

I liked that, but I loved the next bit.

"In the battle between handbag strap and door handle,
far better to knacker your handbag
than let the door handle feel it’s won."

Even now, when the sun’s up, they both make me laugh.

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