Being Female

5X is good.

Okay, you’re all probably smart enough to already know this but just in case it gets past you like it did me, here’s my warning. Do not buy a 7 X magnifying mirror and put it up in your bathroom. It’s just too damn depressing.

It seemed like a good idea at the time; I mean I had a 5 X magnifying mirror up in my other house and it was very useful, especially when I was half asleep in the morning. I used this mirror daily to sort out my face even when my eyes weren’t fully opened and it was very useful to put on makeup with and make sure that things were well, okay looking.

So when I went shopping for a new mirror for my new house I decided that if 5X was good then 7X would be better.

Not. 5X is kind, 7X is not.

Now my birthday is coming up next week, and I know I won’t see twenty-nine again, but I did think I was holding up okay, but I’m not. 7X mirrors show me wrinkles and bumps and red spots that I didn’t know I had and I was very happy not knowing about them either.

My advice is if you need a magnifying mirror, stick to 5X.

Sometimes being oblivious is good.

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